Healthcare Coalitions

Healthcare Coalitions vary in size and mission, but all are required to develop plans, training and exercises to meet the 2017-2022 Health Care Preparedness and Response Capabilities. Contact us today to discuss how we can support your coalition grant funding requirements.

Healthcare Coalition Exercise Design, Conduct and Evaluation

Using their unique experience of designing, conducting, and supporting collaborative exercises, All Clear provides a healthcare coalition exercise approach that integrates technical knowledge, expert facilitation, HSEEP exercise design and collaboration of key planners to ensure a successful exercise that meets your coalition’s needs.

Coalition Surge Test

The Coalition Surge Test has become a required cornerstone to test and exercise healthcare coalitions nationally. In 2018-2019, All Clear assisted 14 healthcare coalitions across seven states in design, conduct, evaluation and improvement planning for the coalition surge test. Our company provides experienced exercise specialists with expertise in Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation (HSEEP) to provide coalitions with challenging exercises that enhance preparedness and response capabilities.

Ancillary Healthcare Community-Based, Operations-Based Exercise

In 2017, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) required agencies to validate their emergency plans with a community-based, operations-based exercise.  Many All Clear staff have previous experience working in local agencies and understand the demands placed on agencies to do more with less. Our staff of experienced exercise specialists can work with you to plan, conduct and evaluate an exercise to meet the requirements of the CMS preparedness rule, engage your partner stakeholders, and stay within your budget.

Combined Coalition Surge Test with a Community-Based, Operations-Based Exercise

Based on lessons learned from past coalition surge tests, All Clear developed a best practice of combining the coalition surge test with a community-based, operations-based exercise to foster a more meaningful exercise experience for all coalition members.  You will receive all of the exercise design, conduct and documentation for the coalition surge test with the addition of a community exercise that will meet the requirements of the CMS preparedness rule and encourage whole-community participation and collaboration.

Ancillary Healthcare Preparedness Summit

To address the requests from numerous non-hospital healthcare agencies for exercise opportunities and to provide basic emergency preparedness education, All Clear can develop an Ancillary Healthcare Emergency Preparedness Summit for your coalition. The goal of the Summit is to provide education as well as networking opportunities to connect ancillary healthcare facilities with similar and nearby facilities as well as emergency response agencies. The Summit culminates in a community-based, operations-based exercise for participants to work together to validate emergency plans.


Healthcare Coalition Response Planning

The previous project experience of All Clear illustrates our company’s ability to develop regional healthcare coordination plans, HSEEP exercise design and facilitation, technical knowledge, and collaboration of many players to ensure the regional plan is not only developed but able to be deployed in real-world response.

Our plans do not sit on shelves; they are deployed during the best of times, and the worst of times, and have supported healthcare organizations to thrive during crisis.

Pediatric Surge Annex

The Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP) continues to expand response capabilities for healthcare coalitions, including the requirement to complete a draft response annex addressing pediatric surge by April 2020. All Clear will work with your coalition to develop complementary coalition-level annexes to your base medical surge/trauma mass casualty response plans to manage a surge of pediatric patients.

Pediatric Surge Tabletop Exercise

In order to validate your newly developed pediatric surge annex, All Clear can develop a discussion-based tabletop exercise to examine events and conditions that may impact your regional healthcare capabilities regarding pediatric surge. This exercise would provide an opportunity to examine a variety of factors related to pediatric surge in your region.

Healthcare Coalition Continuity of Operations (COOP)

Continuity planning is critical to ensuring your coalition can maintain operations during emergencies and disasters and return quickly to routine operations. This is not only a best practice but a tangible way to safeguard your resources and infrastructure.  A coalition COOP plan will be required in the 2020-2021 HPP grant cycle and All Clear will support your coalition in the development of your plan ahead of schedule and within your budget.

All Clear staff are experts in exercise design and can help your coalition plan your next community-based exercise. Contact Us today to get started.
All Clear can help your Coalition with all your planning needs. Contact Us today to learn more.