Q. What Types of Clients Do You Work with?

A.Our clients include organizations from Churches and Faith-Based Organizations, Business and Industry, Government, Healthcare, and Schools and Universities. We also work at all levels, from individual organizations to statewide and multi-state projects.

 Q. Do We Have to Choose from a Menu of Services?

A.Since each of our projects is customized for our clients’ needs and budget, we don’t really have a “menu” of options. Although you may like the concept of something we've previously completed, you are not limited to specific outcome or methods. We build off of the concepts and experiences from current and past projects and the needs, objectives, concerns, funding requirements, etc. of our clients.

Q. Where Are You Located?

A.Our company in based in Raleigh, N.C., but we have staff in Denver, Colo., Columbus, Ohio, and Fort Myers, Fla. But we travel all over the county to work with our clients.

Q. Does Your Proposal Include Travel to Our Location?

A. Yes, we travel all over the country to work with our clients. You don't have to be near us for us to support your project. We typically build expenses travel right into the project proposal before the project begins. We also utilize virtual meeting technology where possible to minimize project costs.

Q. How Do You Price Your Projects?

A. Each project is priced according to need, objectives, and deliverables. We typically do flat rate pricing so that hourly rate, travel expenses, etc. are included up front and in one price. We can customize projects to fit within any specific budget you have. It is typically more affordable than you would expect.

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