Conference Management

All Clear Emergency Management Group helps your organization plan and host a successful conference. Let us do the work for you! Our team has extensive event-planning experience and plans and conducts  successful events to achieve your organization’s goals.

Our Conference Planning Services

Conference and seminars require a lot of work and staff time, which can take time and focus away from your organization’s primary functions.  All Clear’s experienced conference planners are efficient and are dedicated to providing you a high-quality event.  Our services include:

Contracting and coordination with the event venue.

We work directly with the venue to conduct site visits, negotiate pricing, and create a contract that is the best fit for your conference needs.

Assist with content development.

All Clear’s conference planning staff helps to design your conference schedule, manage session topics, and recruit speakers for conference and keynote sessions.

Provide marketing materials.

We help with graphic design of brochures and online forms that promote your conference to your target audience.

Create conference materials.

Let us help you design and print your conference documents: handouts, packets, signs, or any other document that you need to make your conference a success.

Recruit exhibitors and sponsors.

Part of a successful conference includes exhibitors and sponsors to generate income to offset conference venue costs.  All Clear helps you find and manage conference exhibitors and sponsors.

Act as fiduciary agent.

All Clear fills the role at fiduciary agent for your conference.  With this, we can accept payment for registration processing, attendee and exhibitor fee collection, and act as contract agent with conference vendors.

Manage the conference.

During the conference, All Clear’s conference staff help with on-site registration, coordination of the A/V services, serve as a liaison with the conference venue, and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Summarize the conference.

After the conference is over, All Clear provides complete documentation of the conference and summarize attendee feedback for the conference planning team.

Why Our Conference Planning Services Are Different

All Clear offers a full range of conference planning services and a team of dedicated professionals to assist your agency with your conference planning needs. Experienced conference planners are more efficient than employees who are assigned the conference planning duties. When your organization’s reputation is on the line, it makes sense to leave such event planning and management to the professionals at All Clear.

Outsourcing makes sense. Let our team of conference planning professionals plan your next event.
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Statewide Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Hospital Preparedness Conference

All Clear provides conference management services for an annual 4-day statewide Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Healthcare Preparedness Conference with more than 500 attendees. All Clear handles all aspects of this conference: negotiates with the venue; recruits and arranges travel for speakers; submits continuing education applications; markets the conference to attendees and potential exhibitors and sponsors; designs and develops conference materials; handles all aspects of online and onsite registration; and manages all onsite logistics during the conference.