Who We Serve

The impact of an emergency on your organization can be severe. All Clear can help your organization identify your potential risks and create plans to respond and recover.

All Clear provides comprehensive emergency and disaster planning, training, and exercises for all types of organizations. Each member of the All Clear team is an expert in their field and is ready to share their experience with your organization. Click on your market below for more information.

Our Markets

Business and Industry

An interruption in service or a breach of data can affect any business. All Clear can help create plans to ensure your business continues with minimal loss of revenue.LEARN MORE

Churches and Faith-Based Organizations

The impact of an emergency can deeply affect a community. Churches and faith-based organizations are a critical part of the recovery and rebuilding of a community. All Clear can guide your planning so you can be ready when the community needs you.LEARN MORE


A well-prepared government is able to respond and protect the public in a crisis. All Clear can provide planning and training services for local and state government agencies. LEARN MORE

Healthcare and Hospitals

Patient Safety is paramount for hospitals and healthcare organizations. And the potential for a major medical response requires all healthcare organizations and hospitals to be prepared. All Clear’s team of experts can assist your organization to be ready for the unexpected.LEARN MORE

Healthcare Coalitions

The Hospital Preparedness Program has expanded objectives for the nation’s healthcare delivery system with the development of the 2017-2022 Health Care Preparedness and Response Capabilities. Our experts at All Clear can help your healthcare coalition meet your deliverables, whether they be planning projects, training or community-based exercises.LEARN MORE

Schools and Universities

A coordinated emergency response plan is vital to ensure the safety of your students. With All Clear’s help, your institution can be equipped to respond to any crisis.LEARN MORE

What We Do

All Clear’s team will be with you on each step of the planning process. Using an “All Hazards” approach, we will work with you to ensure your organization is ready and able to respond to a crisis. Our processes are progressive and can be adapted to fit your specific needs.

  • We review and assess your organization’s operating practices and suggest areas for improvement.
  • We create customized response plans for your organization.  Each plan we write is specific to you and your organization.
  • We train your leaders and staff on the procedures and how to execute your customized plan.
  • We help conduct exercises and drills to help you prepare and practice response. Our staff are Master Exercise Practitioners (MEP) and Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) certified.
  • We plan conferences and large events with your goals in mind.

Each of our clients is different so each of our projects is different. Our expert facilitators will be with you every step of the way to ensure your satisfaction. Learn more about What We Do.

Emergencies can affect your whole community. Are you ready?
Emergency response requires planning and coordination. All Clear can help with your planning and coordination efforts.