Churches and Faith-Based Organizations

Churches and Faith-Based Organizations are important pieces of communities, especially during a disaster. Many churches and faith-based organizations can and do take on roles that are part of the community response to an emergency. Some serve as community shelters, while others provide meals and other support to responders. All Clear works with your organization to develop your community response plans and train your congregation.

But a church is also a business, providing services to its congregation and to the surrounding community. An event that impacts your facility can cause interruption in your services, operations, and revenue streams. Emergency response procedures are necessary to lessen the impact on people and property, and church leadership must act quickly to ensure the safety of their congregation.

How All Clear Can Help

The All Clear team is familiar with the roles that a church or faith-based organizations play in a response to a community disaster. Faith-based organization are known to have active and service-oriented volunteers that can be very useful in a response.

If your organization is interested in becoming more involved in your community response, All Clear guides you through the planning process and helps you integrate with other responders.

All Clear also helps you prepare for emergencies that affect your facility only: a water-main break or a utility outage. Events like this can directly impact your congregation and your ability to provide services. We help you understand your risks and develop emergency plans for your facility and congregation.

A storm’s impact to your building could be devastating. Learn about how All Clear can help you prepare.
All Clear’s team can help you make plans for your facility.