Schools and Universities

The emergency preparedness needs of schools and universities are becoming more apparent. There is a duty for school officials to protect the safety and security of students and staff, communicate with parents, and have plans in place to recover from an event on your campus. A crisis is the time to follow, not develop, a response plan.

All Clear Emergency Management Group guides your facility through the planning process using an all-hazards approach. We coordinate with campus security, key leaders and administrators, and community first responders to develop and implement plans for a coordinated response. Our goal is to help staff and leadership be ready to implement a response plan if needed.

How All Clear Can Help

All Clear offers comprehensive emergency preparedness services for schools and universities. Our projects are customized to fit your organization.

To begin the planning process, All Clear can facilitate Hazard Vulnerability Analysis (HVA), risk assessments, and site security assessments for your organization to help identify your risks.

Emergency Operations Planning
Your customized response plans may focus on the initial response and actions to ensure safety, the management of the emergency, and continuity of operations when processes, systems, personnel, and facilities are impacted. Using national guidance and best practices, All Clear's focus is to create plans that are practical and usable in an emergency.

Once plans are in place, your staff and your students need to know how to respond. All Clear can help create customized training programs for your organization.

Exercises and Drills
The ultimate test of any plan and training program is a properly designed exercise. All Clear’s team of Master Exercise Practitioners (MEP) will work with your team to design, conduct, and evaluate response exercises to test and improve your plans.

Protect your student. Protect your staff. All Clear can help with your school emergency plans.

It takes planning to coordinate a response to an event on your campus. All Clear can help.